#GenderEqualParliament Pledge

Gender equal parliament pledge<br />

Women are 51% of the population but currently account for only 35% of MPs. In fact, there have only ever been 563 female MPs – all together they wouldn’t even fill the House of Commons Chamber. 

We are calling on political parties, candidates and others to sign up to our pledge to support actions that will deliver a #GenderEqualParliament by 2028. 

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Gender Equal Parliament Pledge

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We are calling on the parties to consider the following actions:


  • Committing to voluntarily publishing candidate diversity data until Section 106 is enacted;
  • Reviewing and improving their selection processes to ensure that they work for women candidates and that there are no structural barriers hampering the participation of under represented groups;
  • Developing and publishing an action plan to achieve and maintain gender parity in their party, this might include targets around representation, using the provision in the Equality Act 2010 to have All-women shortlists, training for women candidates etc;
  • Supporting the work of women’s organisations within their political party in their efforts to increase the selection of women;
  • Ensuring the representation of women at the highest levels, including in cabinet and key parliamentary roles;
  • Liaising with women MPs to better understand their personal experiences and views about current working practices, facilities and provision for diverse needs and work to deliver change;
  • Reinstating a formalised funding scheme for disabled candidates and ensuring it is accessible and run by disabled people themselves.
  • Reviewing and improving the party’s sexual harassment and complaint policies to ensure that they are transparent, quick, victim-focused and independent, and cover volunteers, employees and elected and appointed representatives. This should be combined with training and action to create culture change to prevent sexual harassment.

We are calling on the parties to make manifesto commitments to: 


  • Enact Section 106 of the Equality Act 2010 so that all parties are required to publish diversity data on candidates standing for elections to the House of Commons, Scottish Parliament and the Senedd. 
  • Create a new body to drive diversity and inclusivity reforms in the House of Commons.  This body should review recommendations made to date and lead and push forward the gender sensitive parliament agenda including overseeing regular future audits.
  • Commit to addressing online violence against women and girls through legislation and other mechanisms. Solutions should focus on prevention and safety by design and be future-proofed to tackle emerging harms.
  • Review parliamentary procedures and support systems to ensure they work for MPs with caring responsibilities. This should include ensuring all MPs have access to parental leave.
  • Extend the provision in the Equality Act 2010 allowing All-women shortlists until no longer required.
  • Undertake a review of measures introduced in Parliament during the pandemic for their impact on diversity, and reintroduce those which improve predictability and flexibility of work for MPs
  • Reinstate a formalised funding scheme for disabled candidates and ensure it is accessible and run by disabled people themselves.


Centenary Action Convenor, Helen Pankhurst, wrote to party leaders to ask them to support our #GenderEqualParliament pledge. See below for their replies:


Our Pledgers:

Georgina Brocklehurst
Anna Polojarvi
Azry KalokoUniversity of Birmingham
Zion Ateba
Joy DoalAnawim birmingham Centre for Women
Shaheena Ahmed
Hasanh Abdelkarim
Sibel Oztas
Samantha MambuStudent
Ellen Ball
Sasha Venchard
Rebekah Ajuchi
KellyBella Ansah-Yeboahuniversity of birmingham
Karen McDonagh Reynolds
Lara BishopAurora Media Worldwide
Suzanne SteeleAdobe
Irena DZikija
Kerrie Portman
Di HillSI Bath & District
Elizabeth Schofield
Maudie McHardySoroptimist International
Diane SteeleSoroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland
Hari EmmelineFawcett Society
Louise Timlin
Gail Gravett
Nicola BraidfordSoroptomists
Angela HolmesSoroptimist International Wigan Club
Catherine HannafordSoroptimist International
Jane SlatterSoroptimist International
Pam Roebuck
Kim BramhamSoroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland
Nikki Pawsey
Patricia KerfootSoroptimist
GILLIAN HORIGANSoroptimist International
Sheila InceSoroptimist International of Harrogate &District
Jennie WalkerSt Austell & District Soroptimists
Harriet Mackie
Dawn ChildsWomen’s Engineering Society
Kate PrinceZooNation
Janet Cooper
Annie Rickard
Nazneen RawalM.A.D.E.
Susannah Harlow
Sue Lloyd
Miranda McCabeLabour Party member